Slut Probz

These are the day to day problems of a slut, stories of other sluts, and anything slut related. Submit as much or as little as you like but please do enjoy!

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A Softer World: 1078
(you can’t always get what you want, thank christ.)
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you’ve been a slut for so long that you can’t even have a nonsexual conversation with the guy you really like



youre the “slutty friend”

the worst is definitely having to shave all the time

The awkward slut moment when he thought you wanted to date him when really all that you wanted was a hook up.

"having one of those days when you wish you could get any guy you wanted without sending him nudes first."

"Are you getting with that one guy?"

"Which one…?"

that awkward moment when you walk by the playground during the day and kids are playing on it not knowing the stuff you’ve done there by night